running1Well, while it’s very long overdue, I have embarked on a journey to train for and do a half marathon which will be in November (2014).  I’ve been wanting to do this for a LONG time but, never had the time or the nerve to do it.  I guess I feared the distance.  I’m wrapping up my first week of training and it went well.  I’ve been running since 1997 but, never on this scale.  I’ve done 5k and 10k and even 5 milers before, but never 13.1 miles.  I’m not to concerned about the “if I can”, it’s more like “can I find the time” with my schedule.  I went to the trouble of creating a backup plan for when I start working again so I can finish my training.  I heard a long time ago at another race that “It’s all about pacing”, which makes sense to me.  I’ve always had this head problem of being the last guy across the finish line.  In this case, I may have to excuse myself.  I I’m caring about is finishing.  Now as far as the full Marathon, I’m no fool, so I won’t even consider that (at least at this time).

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New Design

As you can see, my site as changed.  I didn’t really like parts of my previous layout and particularly the main header image area.  Hope you like, since so far this works for me.  Any thoughts, or comments feel free to let me know.

Running and the Zone

sprintingAround 3 or 4 years ago, while running, I accidently discovered something that I later learned was called “The Zone”.  I found myself running faster and faster almost like without any effort.  The only thing that stopped me was that I was running out of road.  Now and then I experiment with “The Zone”.  On a recent run, I decided to do a full sprint at about 80% and I found myself going into the zone and went with it.  This time I noticed something new and interesting.  The only way I can describe it is like there was kind of a “disconnect” where my legs and body were doing what they were suppose to be doing and my brain was doing what it was suppose to be doing as far as running was concerned, thinking, controlling, etc.  Almost like two different worlds.  It was like there was no effort just motion.  Now with the exception to limited road, I have no idea how long I could have kept this going.  A goal I have is to practice this and find key points in a run to apply it to see if it would increase my overall time.  Not sure when this is going to happen.  I have more experimenting to do first.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Adversity lead me to run

runningI know I mentioned this in older posts, but thought it good to talk about it again.  Back in the mid 1990’s I was searching for an “outlet” something to focus my stress on. I had to stop being Atlas holding up the world with the things that I’ve been dealing with. It was either workout or blowout.   I’ve tried working out both at home as well as a local health club.  And for a while it did work.  But, there was still something missing I thought.  The benefit wasn’t really there.  Some but not total satisfaction.  Then in April 1997, I started running on a treadmill at the gym and after a while “running” CAUGHT me!  I began training for my very first 5k race which was only 3 months later in July 4th of that year.  After that race, I was totally “hooked” on running.  This was it, the outlet that I was searching for.  So for the next many years, I did several races each year and continued to get better as time went on.  I for some reason could not get past the distance of a 10k, and I think it was both respect and fear of the distance.  Time was also a factor with the other responsibilities that I have.

With the stress issues I had back then, I’ve said that “God, Kathy (my wife) and Running saved my life”.  Which as far as I’m concerned is the truth!  I’ve created a running lifestyle for my self that of late has been kind of “stalled” due to other responsibilities, but, not totally shut down.  Some of my goals are on  hold until I can add more fuel to the fire that continues to burn within.  How does the saying go?  You can take the runner away from running, but you can’t take running away from the runner or something like that.

Runners wearing short shorts

running2.jpgWhen I first became a runner in 1997, I chose to wear what I thought runner’s wear, and at that time, I thought runners wore short shorts, granted at first I did feel silly wearing them, but after a while, I saw the difference and felt that there was no changing.  I’ve been reading many different views and opinions on this subject and the one thing that stands out is that the majority who race prefer the short shorts.  I have 3 reasons why I prefer them especially in warmer weather and they are:  1) Free range of movement while running, 2) sweating, & 3) Less or no chafing.  There are times I do wear longer shorts when running and that is when the temps are cooler, or I’ll wear spandex.  I have seen online some short running shorts that go way shorter than I will ever allow for myself.  Some are what I would call “Legitimate” for the “Pro’s” and others I would call “inappropriate” which are way too short no matter the type of runner.  I’ve seen  opinions that people are concerned what others would think if they wore short shorts and my view on that is to be concerned with your “why” or “reason” you are wearing them.  It’s like a uniform, to be used for specific reasons.  You wouldn’t wear them to a social function or a business meeting.  Check out this video which I think says it all:

Twitter – Try it again for the first time

twterWell, I’,m kind of slow at times, but, I’m getting into Twitter again and I must admit, it’s better than I first imagined.  I find I’m on it just about every day now and like wow!  I appreciate it more now than I did when I my website – which is no  longer available.  You know the old TV AD for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, “Try it again for the first time”, well I did…..  Twitter definitely has it’s advantages and I’m getting into it.

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Running shorts

First I want to mention that I am only expressing my opinion and this is by far not a professional opinion.  I can’t even prove or say that I have any accuracy about this and I am just stating what I believe.


It seems that every time I go shopping for athletic apparel at a name brand outlet, I never find “short shorts”.  You know, the kind preferred for racing.  The only time I can get them is if I order online for them.  If I go to any of the “outlets” that we frequent, I have yet to find any. It’s my belief that the outlets are not as concerned about any one type of runner, just what sells.  Why should one be limited to only what is available online.  Now, granted, maybe there are those areas that do sell a wider range of shorts.  It just seems strange to me that I can only find what I want online.  Now if I’m wrong about this, great!  It only means that there is a place, which there probably is, I just haven’t found it yet.  It would be great to walk into a store and be able to buy what I want without getting it online.  I have nothing against online shopping, it’s just that now and then I prefer the old way.  Any suggestions?